The HR Cloud for KMu

A cloud system for secure data exchange for HR employees and other process participants

Consisting of three individual systems, the HR Cloud offers the best for each area. Not playful bullshit, but exactly what your HR department needs to efficiently process all HR data. Sending wage documents to employees by post is a thing of the past.

HR Cloud: much more than digital personnel files

The HR Cloud offers all HR stakeholders proven functions for efficient processing

Processing paper filing robs you of valuable time? Finding documents is easier said than done because your colleagues use different filing structures for paper files? With the digital personnel file, you get a filing system that thinks for itself and automatically assigns what is known by the system.

Tedious sending of wage documents to employees was yesterday. Via cloud access, your employees get access to all their relevant payroll documents (monthly payslips, payroll tax, etc.). Directly from payroll, all documents for the employee can be filed at the push of a button.

Are you justifiably frustrated by the error-prone and time-consuming process of sending documents by post or email? The HR Cloud also provides a remedy here. Evaluations and personnel documents available to the outsourcing partner without media discontinuity. With this common information base for all parties involved, the documents are always up to date and accessible at any time in a structured filing system.

Online personnel file: All relevant documents at a glance

The system recognizes when documents are important and files them for you accordingly.

In a proven structure, documents from payroll accounting with the payroll software, such as pay slips, contribution statements, SI notifications, etc., are already clearly assigned and archived with payroll accounting. What is visible as a result of payroll can be shared with the outsourcing partner via the communication and evaluation platform.

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The HR cloud is more than a digital repository for the HR professional. It is a networked work tool that effectively takes work off your hands. All tuned for SMEs in Germany.

Digital personnel file

Quick information from the overall view on company level or details on individual employees. Everything is available at the touch of a button and via various filter options. Sophisticated integrations for wage and time data ensure efficient processing of all relevant HR data.

Employee access

A portal where the employer provides its employees with the most important documents related to payroll. A networked web-based information chain allows your employees to view his completed payroll documents.

Communication and evaluation

Personal data is encrypted and only visible to authorized persons. This means that messages, tax-relevant receipts and other documents can be securely exchanged with all parties involved without media disruption. Imm available, always up to date.

HR needs more than smart software: professional Hr stakeholders are essential

As a professional HR outsourcing partner we take over processes according to your needs

Especially for small and medium-sized companies it is worthwhile to hand over recurring HR processes to professional HR outsourcing partners. Our human resources specialists adapt to the specifics of your business and support or handle your payroll and other administrative human resources tasks. Either way, you'll benefit from the best practices of our experienced staff.

HR on Point. For us, that means professional service without fuss.

As your HR outsourcing partner, you benefit from short communication channels, fast response times and concentrated experience. Each customer is assigned a team of three to four people, who you can contact via communication channels provided specifically for you.

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